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About Me

My background in Psychotherapy is based on life experiences and because of my observations of them I have become a very non-traditional therapist.  When I started out as a therapist I thought I would follow the traditional path but my Master's degree and licensure in a traditional practice failed to address client's real-life struggles especially with regard to life crisis'.  I recognized early that the institutions of psychotherapy are more focused on prescribing medications, avoiding liability and inflating DSM Diagnostic recommendations for reimbursement purposes.  Early on in my career I departed from the insurance-dictates of clinical and diagnostic paradigms of conventional therapies and have found my best practices come from the genius of wisdom found in experience.  I believe this decision has benefited my clients who are looking for more ground-breaking approaches after arduous, long hours with traditional therapies.  The way I work has lead me to understand my clients on a deeper level and perhaps spare them the  lengthy and costly analysis of traditional psychotherapy. I invite you to a session to see and experience this difference.​

"The wisest choice you can make when you are struggling through a difficult event or chapter in your life is the person you chose to escort you through it.  That person will either see you as a victim or as a gladiator and that will make all the difference."

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