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Susan Hagen




Individuals who find themselves in repeated patterns of the past usually run into those patterns in a commitment of any kind; Marriage, a relationship, work, a career, raising a child, committing to a healthier lifestyle.  Anything that you commit to will bring up the unfinished past. This is the focus of  individual therapy.


Therapy for Couples in Crisis

I work with couples in crisis.  This can include couples who have experienced infidelity or an event that has caused distrust.



I offer crisis therapy for individuals who have experienced a devastating event and need help and a safe space to process through it.


Group Crisis

A crisis that happens on a larger scale often includes a group of people with a shared traumatic experience.  It can be important to bring those people together to feel the healing begin through mutual empathy and deep understanding.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Crisis happens when we are not expecting it.  It can be devastating; A life changing loss or sudden demand that you adapt to something unexpected. 


About Me

I am a non-traditional therapist.  My work is extremely compelling;   helping people survive and transform personal crisis.  I have helped people get to the other side of enormous life challenges.  I have been doing crisis intervention therapy for over 15 years.   I believe people have seen significant results because of my research and non-traditional practice and because I have experienced significant personal challenges, drew my research from them and come through to the other side.  Crisis is a part of life that does not have to defeat you.

Getting Help

It isn't always easy to reach out for help.  Life will sometimes push you until you do.  What I know is that life is a two by two process and asking for help is one of the steps toward getting to a better place, a better feeling inside, a better perspective, a better nervous system, a better relationship with yourself and someone else.


Post Trauma Triggers


Re-building Trust


Regaining hope




Grief and Transformation

My partner and I were in a crisis that I believed would end our relationship.  I had little hope.  Susan helped us communicate our deepest vulnerable feelings so we could come back together and forgive each other. 

Phillip S. 46 yo

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